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Peter takes pride in his ability to customize his presentations for your particular organization. Below are here topics.

Want Humor In the Workplace?


Then Find the Humor In Your Life First!

Humor + Strong Morale =
A More Effective Work Environment For Everyone.

 So how do you accomplish that? Well, if you want humor in the work place… then you have to discover it in your personal life first. (Unless of course you have a split personality to begin with.)

Peter J. Fogel, humorist/author/entrepreneur (so many hyphens—so little time to do it all), will take you on the rewarding but volatile journey of a professional stand-up comedian/writer in Hollywood to the world of advertising and direct response copywriting.

He’ll show you how he’s brought humor to every aspect of that bumpy trip to lead a more healthier and happier existence(at least that’s what he’s fooled his shrink into believing he has!)

But MORE importantly how YOU can do the same for FUN & INSANE PROFIT$! (okay the last part I made up)

The Reinvention Guy’s topics include:

Strike While “Your Irony” is HOT!: Overcoming Adversity With Laughter (KEYNOTE)

Your audience will discover:

  • How to LAUGH, Put YOUR Obstacles Into Perspective & Then Turn Them Into Golden Opportunities!
  • How to Fine Tune Your Humor Radar 24/7
  • Four Ways To Effectively Use YOUR Funny Bone— &  Have The Time of Your Life Doing It!
  • Discover how to laugh at yourself (and if not… how to laugh at others)
  • How to Use LAUGHTER to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing at Work and at Home

 How to Reinvent Yourself for Total Success

Your group will experience:

  • 4 Proven Ways To Prioritize and Optimally Reinvent Yourself At Your Job
  • How to Let Your Fears FUEL You Forward To Reaching Your Goals
  • The Five Modes of Learning You Need To Master Any New Skill
  • How To Get Out of a SLUMP and Have Clients Clamoring To Work With You!

Building Team Work Through Improvisation

(1/2 day seminar)
You’ve seen the show, “Whose Line is It Anyway?” with Drew Carey. Well, now “The Humorator” can take those same fun easy-to-learn theatre games and show your staff how to work more cohesively…Get ready for LOTS OF LAUGHS and letting go of the stress as your employees discover    

  • How to Successfully Partner on Projects
  • How to Create Spontaneity in the Workplace
  • Techniques to Help you Become a Better Listener
  • How to Accept Fear — and Still Move Forward to Reach Your Goal
  • How to Get Into the Right Frame of Mind in Order to Achieve Breakthroughs in Thought… 
  • The Secret to Building Trust with each other

Marketing Secrets of The Masters That’ll Boost Your Company Profits

You will learn:

  • How To Create the BEST Headline For Your Ad, Website, or Direct Mail Piece (Hint: They’re Found in the National Enquirer)
  • The Secret of Getting Into Your Prospect’s Head
  • 4 Sure-Fire Guarantees That Will Close The Sale
  • 5 Ways To Show Empathy With Your Future Customer
  • The “Bar Stool” Technique That Will Make You BOND With Your Reader

In the entertainment and corporate world, “The Reinvention Guy” made audiences of all shapes and sizes laugh for over 25 years. Not only that, but he’s had the good fortune of working along side such veteran celebrities as:

Shirley Jones, Ed Asner, Harry Anderson,  Lou Rawls, Jon Stewart, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Miller, and Ray Romano. Not to mention improvising on the same stage with the legendary Robin Williams (and living to tell about it.)

For more information on his fees and his availability please contact Peter at or 561-245-5252. He can’t wait to make your next event  a rousing success with out the stress!

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