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At Last! Veteran Humorist Reveals “Inside Comedy Secrets” That Can Turn Any Speech or Presentation into a Rousing Success! Guaranteed!

Now any speaker who wants to anchor their important message or content with humor can easily learn the comedy writing techniques that Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano and Jon Stewart use to make their audiences LAUGH and hang on their every word! GUARANTEED!

From the desk of Peter Fogel Presents LLC.
Delray Beach, Florida

Dear Speaker,

When you deliver presentation with heavy content, do you see your audience sometimes nod off with zzzz’s coming out of their mouths?

Do you feel you are missing that important ingredient – the “X” factor that keeps your audience engaged and energized throughout your speech?

Do you think if you could correctly infuse humor into your presentation, you could get MORE engagements… HIGHER evaluation forms… and HIGHER fees? (CHA-CHING!)

And most of all…

Do think you have to be a comedian on stage to get BIG laughs from your audience?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions and are really serious about using public speaking to give you another income stream, to increase your customer base, or to sell more products or services in your present career, then please play close attention to this letter.

Because I am going to give you the necessary tools that can help give you an in-demand speaking career!

First off, it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary that I dispel a misconception you might have. Here it is:

You do NOT have to be a comedian to get laughs on stage… but you do have to “think” like one. Just give me eight minutes right now to prove it, and I promise this will all make sense to you.

You see, audiences will forgive a lot of negative things happening to speakers … dropped note cards… lights going out… even a failed speaker system…

But, it’s a FACT! YOUR listeners will never, ever, ever forgive a BORING presentation!

How do I know? Well, my thirty years of doing stand-up comedy on late night comedy shows, in Las Vegas show rooms, audience warm-up on major sitcoms… not to mention giving keynote speeches to major corporations across the country, has shown me that…

If your audience is LAUGHING — Then they’re LISTENING!

Hi, I am Peter Fogel. My clients call me “The Reinvention Guy!” Why? Because I can help “reinvent” their businesses and their speaking careers to new levels of performance and profitability.

Know this: Improve the performance and undoubtedly the profits will follow!

I know it’s true because I’ve done it over and over again throughout my own career as well as coaching other entrepreneurs, speakers and consultants with theirs!

And now I want to show you how to effectively use humor correctly that will undoubtedly boost any presentation you give!

Ask Yourself Right Now: Do You REALLY Want to Take Your Public Speaking to the Next Level?

For a long time I have watched boring speakers take the stage and thought, “God, no doubt they have great knowledge and good platform presence, but they are boring the you-know-what out of their audience because they aren’t using any humor!”

PLUS if they do attempt humor, it’s a feeble attempt at best!

This is why it’s not just fate that brought you to this letter. And if you are still reading right now, this tells me something about you.

It tells me you are really interested in becoming a damn good speaker and taking your performance to the NEXT level.

A LEVEL that can bring you MORE recognition from speakers’ bureaus (and associations)  MORE recognition within your niche industry…

MORE recognition that makes you the go-to sales person, author, consultant your targeted audience your CLIENTS will go to time after time!

And the one thing that gives you “the edge” over other speakers is to effectively INFUSE humor into every speech or presentation you give!

Just like when you drink a can of RED BULL to BOOST your body’s energy, adding HUMOR to your speech or presentation ENERGISES your performance and lifts your audience’s excitement.

As you read my words you are no doubt wondering, “Me… use humor in presentations? But I am NOT a comedian.”

Well, stow your fears in the overhead bin of your psyche!

Because I am here to tell you right off the bat: If you have a sense of humor (and I know you do) and if you bring the right spirit to your performance, YOU can easily deliver humor in any speech!

How can I be so sure? Well, if you have ever told a funny story to your friends in a relaxed atmosphere (let’s say over drinks or dinner) and they LAUGHED… then guess what?

You can (with my help) learn to transfer that skill and deliver the right brand of humor at the right time… to the right audience… during your speech!

Make no mistake: I can show you 100% how to “think” like a comedian (without having to be one.) I know I can because I have helped others “release their funny bone.”

It always amuses me when people have the skills to do this, and they’re just being held back by fear!

I’ve heard countless stories of folks who are scared of trying to be funny in front of strangers, but just put them in front of their friends and they become – Yeeeeeeeeee haah! — the life of the party!

Well, guess what? I am going to show you, from A to Z, how to make your audience your friend from the moment you bound onto the stage!

I am going to break down “The Secret” of how Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart and many professional speakers and humorists come up with their routines.

Not only that, but I am going to reveal and explain in detail the same techniques they use that will enable you— yes, YOU – to “think” like a comedian!

Need proof? Well, here is a perfect example.

Last night, I was on an entertainer’s showcase where buyers are looking for entertainers for their season. I was the only comedian. Apart from me, the whole line-up consisted of singing impressionists.

Anyway, on this night every singing impressionist did SAMMY DAVIS JR. In the history of show business, I don’t think there have been 12 singing impressionist who all-did-the-same-impression. It was unreal!

Out of 12 performers, I was the 10th performer to go on. When I was introduced, I quickly grabbed the microphone and said to my audience:

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to a Night of a 1000 Sammy Davis Jr. Impressions!”

HUGE laugh from the AUDIENCE (but I wasn’t done!)

“In fact, in the great tradition of all
entertainers — here is ‘my’ Sammy!”

And with that I went right into my “Sammy” rendition and got a ROUND of APPLAUSE.

So let’s break it down: If you were to look at that line on paper, it’s NOT very funny (mainly because it would be taken out of context.)

Unfortunately, for this line to work with your audience (and for you to really appreciate it), you really have “to have been there!”

Anyway, for that evening, at that precise time, it was truly the perfect joke to deliver to this captivated audience.

Naturally, you can see the obvious absurdity of the situation and why this SCREAMED for humor.

My audience laughed so HARD! Why? Because THEY were thinking the same thing I was. And that’s, “My GOD, I have never seen so many Sammy Davis Jr’s in one theatre before!”

The point I am trying to make is: YOU, yes you, could have easily created and delivered the same joke to your audience.

Believe it or not, with a little work, you can easily find the “connection” joke that your audience will LAUGH at – once you learn to have “your humor eye” working 24/7.

The secret is to look for the obvious… the one thing both you and your audience share on that particular night.

It’s called being “in the moment”, very present in your environment, and seeing and hearing what your audience does.

This is what professional humorists, story tellers, and top-gun speakers do to make their presentations crackle with electricity.

And what does this mean to you? It means if you allow me, I can show you how to “think” like a comedian!

And the best part of incorporating humor into your presentations is that you don’t have to deliver rapid fire jokes every second of your speech. (Who wants or needs that pressure?)

No, no, no! My friend, like a wonderfully cooked meal that needs just “the right amount of spice” to make it scrumptious, I am going to show you how to ‘sprinkle’ just the right amount of humor into your speech – one your audience will devour with delight.

Just like a magician will pull back the curtain and show you how a “trick” is done (and it’s not hard after you see the simplicity of it), I am going to pull back the curtain and show you how comedians and humorists create HUMOR!

Humor that is perfectly suitable for the speech or presentation YOU are giving that day. Don’t forget—

The heavier the content and message you are a delivering… the MORE humor your presentation needs so your audience can soak in your information!

Making The Bucks For Getting The Yuks

So here is your solution

A little humor here… a little there… and after it’s all done— DING! (Oven timer goes off.) You have just created an oratory masterpiece that will excite your listeners’ senses! (Cue up: AUDIENCE APPLAUSE!)

Just imagine: A speech that could have turned out to be a flat, listless, tasteless soufflé has now been replaced with a rich, delicious performance!

A presentation your audience will no doubt savor for days… even weeks to come!

Remember: Add “just the right amount of humor” to your speech – and I GUARANTEE it will BOOST your presentation’s effectiveness!

And NOW you can have these secrets that I, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, and Dennis Miller use daily to make audiences LAUGH every time in my new e-book:

“Making the Bucks for Getting the Yuks”
Sure-Fire Comedy Secrets For Speakers That Can Help You Earn $500- $5000 a Month Making People LAUGH—Without Having to Be a Comedian!

No fluff or “meat by-products” here. You get in-the-trenches content you can sink your teeth in and use immediately and adapt to your speaking situation. (Henceforth, I promise NO more food metaphors will be used in this letter!)

Look, I am NOT only going to show you how to use humor in your presentations, but I’m also going to reveal the steps you need to follow to practice your craft in a stress free environment!

Get ready, because in my e-book “Making the Bucks for Getting The Yuks,” I am going to reveal…

""Why being a humorist in TODAY’S economy will make you MORE money than being a comedian. (It’s a no-brainer.) Page 14

""Why you should make your HUMOR a “means to an end” in your story (and not the other way around). Page 17

""When NOT to use humor (WARNING: If you do, your audience could turn against you!) Page 73

""“Low Cost” or “No-Cost” ways to effectively market yourself as a speaker/humorist. Page 77

""4 Comedy Techniques the Pros use that always bring on THE LAUGHS. Page 63

""The number of times to test a joke— and then to NEVER use it ever again. (This will save you LOTS of time, energy, and heart ache). Page 27

""How to write “tag lines” for your jokes/stories that will bring WAVES of laughter from your audience. Page 44

""Three IMPORTANT components that make up a humorist. (Master them and you’ll outshine your competition.) Page 17

""How and why you need to “let a joke breathe”. (It’s a must or your whole bit will fall apart.) Page 57

""Use this simple technique to “trick” your friends into revealing to you IMMEDIATELY what is funny (without having to try it on stage first and bombing with it). Page 37

""“Mining Humor” out of poor speaking situations and getting OPTIMAL laughs! Page 17

""A joke editing technique that’ll allow you to get a MORE powerful audience response! Page 42

""How to find “The Funny” in your speeches using your pain (as well as your audiences’). Page 53

""Simple technique to get your AUDIENCE to give you feedback (so YOU can improve your speech). Page 37

""Why you DON’T want to be with speakers bureaus yet (even though they can get you LOTS of money). Page 75

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So, are you feeling more comfortable about the thought of using humor in your presentations? I hope you are. Creating original, effective humor for your presentation is NOT hard once you learn a few tried and true techniques.

But don’t just take my word about how my e-book can give you the edge over other speakers. Just listen to what industry pros say about it:



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So Is My E-book Right for You?

Making The Bucks For Getting The Yuks

It is, if you are a sales person, trainer, author, consultant, CEO, business owner, or any other service professional who uses public speaking as an income stream—and doesn’t want to bore their audience to tears!

If is … if you are a student of comedy and want to know how the PROS make audiences of all shapes and sizes laugh—every time!

It is … if you LOVE being in front of people and making them LAUGH and want to get paid for it! (All without having to be a comedian!)

Okay! So what do you think you would pay to have my knowledge… knowledge that can show you how to take the most mundane subject matter and with a few tweaks, mine HUGH LAUGHS from your audience…? $65… $55?

Well, to be honest with you, I haven’t found many books like this available (even in bookstores.)

""An information source that really shows you how to NOT only craft a credible signature story—but how to build humor into it.

""An e-book that will also show you how to begin a stress-free, stream-lined speaking career.

Now, before I tell you the price I have some good news for you. (I have NEVER done this before- nor have I seen it anywhere else offered like this.)

I am an information junkie and I love gathering information for myself and my clients that can improve their lives.

So here is my LIFE TIME offer: Any time I get new UPDATED time-tested info on writing humor— I am going to send it to you!

That’s right, just purchase and download the e-book, “Making the Bucks” TODAY and you get LIFE TIME HUMOR WRITING TECHNIQUE UPDATES e-mailed to you. The cost: FREE… The Value? Priceless!

Okay, the normal price of this e-book is $49. But for a limited time only it’s yours for just $29! That’s it – $29! (The price for one person in a diner—including tip!)

You know, one of things that I love about making people laugh from the platform (and you will discover) is that HUMOR never goes out of style.

It really doesn’t! According to Victor Borger, the late great entertainer, “Humor is the closest point between two people!”

It really is. Take it from me; nothing is more gratifying and can give you a high than writing a new story – adding humor to it — and having your audience LAUGH at the exact moment you planned!

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And have no worries. You have my


Please remember this

Humor is the great equalizer… it relieves stress and
gives our life meaning and balance.

Don’t you agree that with ALL we are going through these days, that now more than ever we all need to LAUGH more!

Now more than ever audiences HUNGER for it. Laughing releases endorphins and makes people feel great!

You speak because you want to move people to take action… whether that is to help them with their problems… to hire your services… or to sell YOUR products that can change their lives…

You owe it to yourself and especially your audience to add HUMOR to your presentation. It is the missing X factor to help ingratiate your message into the hearts and minds of your listeners.

Remember: If your audience is LAUGHING— they are LISTENING!

You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain. CLICK here to order my e-book “Making the Bucks for Getting the Yuks” and I will give you immediate access to it.

To making your audience LAUGH forever,

Signature Peter Fogel

Peter “The Reinvention Guy” Fogel

NSA Member


PS Let me help you develop “your comedy chops” so you can come up with humorous stories and anecdotes that are perfect for your next event. (Customize your humor and your AUDIENCE and CLIENTS will love you for it! PLUS you can increase your fee!)

PPS I am doing a beta-test at this low price for “Making The Bucks for Getting The Yuks” — it won’t stay this low for ever!

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