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Peter, I have no problem speaking to small groups in a conference room, but I get stage fright at the thought of speaking to larger audiences.

First off, let’s decipher if you have real stage fright. What you may think is full blown stage fright might just be the  “typical butterflies in your stomach” (that everyone gets, including me)  So this is quite normal. As you progress with your craft and get more comfortable being on the platform your stage fright will subside greatly. AND if you do have full-blown stage fright… my programs can help you over come this problem very quickly. It’s really not that hard.  The secret which I teach is to learn how to speak to a large audience as if you are speaking one-on-one to a single person. Again, once you do, your anxiety will go away. Besides great performers and speakers all have had stage fright at one time or another. (And still do) Barbara Streisand comes to mind… and yet, she has gone on to great success! Just don’t open your presentation singing, “People… people who have people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Do you have to use humor in your presentations?

The answer is a standard one speaker’s use: YES! Especially if you want to get paid.  J   And don’t worry, you DON’T have to be a comedian (like I am) to get laughs. The bar is much lower for speakers. Using humor doesn’t necessarily mean having to be FUNNY or telling a joke every second. (Although telling humorous anecdotes is part of it) Humor is an attitude, a look you give to your audience. I go into detail with my Bucks for Getting the Yuks e-book – that shows you the comedy secrets the pros use to get LAUGHS and APPLAUSE.

Don’t worry or be intimidated by this. I take you by the hand and show you how to find the humor in yourself to bring it to your presentations. Remember: Humor is important for every speaker to learn. The more you can incorporate it – the higher evaluations you will get. Higher evaluations means MORE engagements for MORE money!

Humor anchors your message and content firmly in your audience’s mind.

Do you give coaching on humor?

I’m glad you asked! YES in my platinum package I give FREE humor or speaker coaching.  (See platinum packages) I usually charge around $125 an hour for this. BUT you get it FREE with this package. I challenge you find another program like this on the net that offers so much at such a reasonable price.

What’s the one ingredient a speaker needs to succeed!

Well, two things come to mind: You must have a real passion for your subject matter and be willing to give your knowledge to others.  Once you do and  follow your heart and give of yourself—then you can expect to get more engagements—PLUS real fulfillment and the glorious higher fees that go along with it.  

Is travel really included in speaking engagements?

In my experience, yes!  This is usually negotiable. Associations and corporations are used to paying air, hotel, and ground transportation for speakers. Some time the client will give you x amount of dollars to book your own flight.

Personally, I like that offer because then I have control over what airline I want to use (the mileage points I want to accumulate) and when I want to leave and then return.  (In some instances you can negotiate bringing a long a companion with you.)

When the engagement is at the hotel where you are speaking usually the client will have a room pain for reserved for you.   tell you here and now: There’s nothing like speaking and staying a wonderful 5 Star hotel with the client paying for it (along with your meals). Take in the fact that you can (again) negotiate selling your products in the back of the room and you’re walking away with a sizable fee from just one engagement.  There is no greater high (at least legally) then people complimenting you on your performance—PLUS lining up to give you money for your books and info products.

I heard speakers can work on cruises.

Yes, this is usually a barter service. You don’t get a fee… BUT you get full passenger accommodations (no steerage) and you get to experience wonderful and exotic port of calls in different countries. I will go into this more on my blog in the future because lots of my subscribers ask about this speaking perk.

What guarantees come with your programs?

I give a full 90 days for you to check out my different packages and to put into use my tips, tricks, and public speaking strategies.

Are you going to be giving teleseminars in the future?

Yes, I am also going to put together HUMOR boot camps where I help you craft different stories with humor in them—PLUSE give you my close to 30 years of speaking and stand-up comedy experience to show you how to boost your platform skills.  This will be done around my own speaking schedule and the demand I get from other subscribers.

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